Piedra Bonaire - Bonaire Stone

According to the philosophy that lead to the mythological stories of Bonaire, Piedra Bonaire is an important site associated with the original mythical ancestor who's name is Boynay. It is written in the Bonairean Mythology book "Boynay Tey" that Piedra Bonaire is the birthplace of Boynay who is the First Bonairean - Yu di Baranca Mama – “Son of Mother Stone.”
Piedra Bonaire represents the navel rock of Bonaire – a central place in the mystical relationship between the Baranca Mama – Divine Mother Stone – and the umbilical cord that once attached Boynay to her womb deep under the island where she lives in Luga Bibi – “The Living Place.”
There is a belief that you are from the place where your umbilical cord is buried. The mythical Bonairean umbilical cord is to be found at Piedra Bonaire. No matter where it is buried, spiritually it is there at Piedra Bonaire. Bonaireans should keep as a tradition to take a sack of the sacred soil, called Guturucu, which is found only at Piedra Bonaire, with them when they abandon the island to live and work abroad so when they are on their death bed they can put this sack of Guturucu under their pillow. They can die in peace on their beloved native soil It is all right for Bonaireans even at an elderly age to return to Bonaire, specially to fetch the Guturuku of Piedra Bonaire (the sacred soil where your umbilical cord is buried) to take abroad to where they have chosen to live and die.
Doing the Bonaire Stone ritual you too become a spiritual Bonairean. In the rock next to Piedra Bonaire there is a small cave where it is believed that animals go to die. A force that comes from the ground inside this cave helps them to die faster. Many animal bones are found inside this cave. Part of the ritual to become a Bonairean is to climb through these bones, exposing yourself to these forces from beneath, and find your way out on the other side of the cave. It is as if you’re acting in a play where you are passing through your mystical rebirth in a spiritual purification.
Next you climb up about three meters into the hole in the front wall of Piedra Bonaire and curl up in a fetal position. In your imagination you make contact with your divine Baranca Mama by shooting your silverish umbilical cord deep down into the earth towards Baranca Mama in Luga Bibu – “The Living Place.” You are now a son or daughter of the earth who will demonstrate your real love for the care of nature worldwide.
Behind Piedra Bonaire a healing power emerges from under the ground. Animals like to sleep there to recover from their injuries or sickness. This is where you go to talk to Baranca Mama. Do not confuse Piedra Bonaire with Baranca Mama herself. - Frans Booi